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Layne Crawford

Media Professional By Day.
Fashion Fiend Still By Day.
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Long Reads

Blog posts,  entire magazine articles,  websites, and scripts, oh my!

Short Reads

A little short. A little sweet. A whole lot of wit. I'm talking about my work here, not myself.

HFHP Emergency Room Campaign
HFHP Emergency Room Campaign
Flippers Pizza Back to School
Anagram post example
Hannaford example post
Marble Vodka 80 Bottle Copy
Marble Vodka 80 Product Description
Marble Moonlight Expresso Label Copy
Moonlight Expresso Description
Marble Gingercello Label Copy
Marble Gingercello Description
Neck Label Copy-Marble Distilling Co
The Big O Product Description
Lilly Pulitzer Landing Page
Lilly Pulitzer Landing Page
Lilly Pulitzer Landing Page
Lilly Pulitzer Landing Page


I'm an art school graduate (University of the Arts) who can barely draw a stick figure.  I've worked as a professional writer since 2009 for various ad agencies, magazines, and blogs. I’ve also “done time” in the entertainment industry as a script doctor (No medical school required), screenwriter, and celebrity client representative (Put the coffee pot on, I have stories). I'm a Jack of all Media Trades, and a Master of Copywriting, Brand Development, and Social Media Management.

The Short Stuff
The Long Stuff

On this webpage, standing at 5-foot-nothing, the dapper darling hailing from New England, not old...

Who is the Pocket Tomboy?


Do I live a double life? Not really. But I have received press for both my professional career and personal brand. From giving style tips for queer fashion blogs under the moniker The Pocket Tomboy to co-hosting a "not quite retro" podcast and sharing my insight into what it takes to write brand copy that cuts through the noise. I'm always thrilled to give my perspective on print, film, or audio.

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